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At MotoMinds it is our mission to grow the motor community in the awesomest of ways. The best way that we see to do that is by partnering with YOU! Here you will find our current partners. Make sure to check them out, like their stuff, and show them some love. After all, they are the ones helping to grow our community most.



A Girl and Her Bike (AGHB)


Wanna see an awesome chick ride a sport bike? How about watching some hooligan moves out on the street of Southern California? Well then A Girl and her bike is the perfect person to follow. Although she claims to be nothing special, we know she's awesome and that's why we've partnered with her. Check out her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and everything else you could need to follow her below. If you go to the right place, you could even find a sweet discount just for taking the time to check her out. 

Instagram - AGHB  Facebook - AGHB  Twitter - AGHB  YouTube - AGHB  Tumblr - AGHB  E-Mail - AGHB  Website - AGHB


Smart, funny, attractive and down to earth. Are those the qualities you like to see in your favorite motorcyclists? Then Anti_Parallali is the perfect girl for you. If you're looking for some enriching Instagram photography and the occasional video with some comedic relief, then take some time to check her out using the links below.

Anti_Parallali - Instagram  Anti_Parallali - YouTube  

                               Anti_Parallali CG KeyTags Partner

Robyn Diamond

RobynStunts / Robyn Diamond - CG KeyTags Partner

What’s up everyone! I’m Robyn, a female stuntrider born and raised in Massachusetts, USA. I just moved to California, as of February 2014! I have been stunt riding for 2 and a 1/2 years. In summer 2011, I bought an XR50 and learned how to do a basic wheelie. I only rode it a handful of times, and I’m still not very good on a 50 haha. In August 2011, I started training on my 06 636. 2 1/2 years later, here I am!

Robyn Stunts / Robyn Diamond - Instagram  Robyn Stunts / Robyn Diamond - YouTube  Robyn Stunts / Robyn Diamond - Facebook  Robyn Stunts / Robyn Diamond - Website


Motorcycles, riding fast, bike life, group rides, and much much more! Living life to it's fullest with family, friends, and of course MOTORCYCLES! So join in on the fun and follow along as we go hammy on life.

GhostNinjaSd - YouTube  GhostNinjaSD - Instagram  GhostNinjaSD - Facebook  GhostNinjaSD - Twitter  GhostNinjaSD - Twitch

  GhostNinjaSD - CG KeyTags Partner
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RevMafia - CG KeyTags Partner

Looking for just about anything that represents bike life? Then RevMafia is the place to go for you. Not only do they feature our sweet key tags, they also have apparel and accessories for you and your bike. You'll be as happy as can be together with your bike!

RevMafia - Website  

Privateer Life


My name is John Hendrix, I have been riding motorcycles for 10 years.As I have learned all about the life of a racer I noticed there are 2 different types of racers. As of right now I do believe there are only about 10 Riders that are factory riders. The rest of the grid are Privateers. You have a few amateur race organizations. Again the entire grid is made up of Privateers. Then one day I heard a song from a supercross rider. In the song he says "privateer life, no factory bike, trying to pass Trey Canard for a quarter of the price." The idea for PrivateerLife was born. So PrivateerLife is a way to show how proud we are to be privateers and still do well. All trackday riders are Privateers. Everyone starts out as a Privateer. I love the comradery of the track, the way it smells and the feeling of just being there. It truly is amazing and I'm truly blessed to be a part of it.

PrivateerLife - Facebook

PrivateerLife - CG KeyTags Partner

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2WheelCruise - CG KeyTags Partner

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2 Wheel Cruise is an up and coming influencer on Instagram. Promoting friendship, synergy, and safety through their account, 2 wheel cruise posts everyday in an effort to build a community. Want a shout out or feature? Then hit them up to become part of the community they've created! 

2WheelCruise - Instagram  2WheelCruise - Website


CG KeyTags Partner - Base653
Born and raised in sunny SoCal, and now tearing it up in the mountains of Utah, you never know what to expect next with Base653. Growing up racing motocross turned into a passion for street riding, and wanting to incorporate his photo/video skills, this 21yr old professional photographer turned to MotoVlogging. Follow his adventures on Youtube, Instagram, Patreon, etc to be a part of his unpredictable journey through the world of motorsports!
YouTube - Base653  Instagram - Base653  FaceBook - Base653  Go Fund Me - Base653  Patreaon - Base653
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Rookzer does it all! from motorcycles to gaming and even archery, he's got something that you'll be interested in! And the best part is, he's super cool too! Check him out and if you like what you see, make sure to support him. Every key tag sold goes to help Rookzer continue making the content you love!

Instragram - Rookzer - CG KeyTags Partner  Rookzer - Facebook - CG KeyTags Partner   Rookzer - Twitter - CG KeyTags Partner   Rookzer - YouTube - CG KeyTags Partner  Rookzer - Patreon - CG KeyTags Partner


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Rookzer - CG KeyTags Partner


CG KeyTags Partner - Supreme_5oh

Hello everyone! This is Marlon! I'm glad to be in a great partnership with CG KeyTags,I have a black 2015 Mustang GT that will be a new add to the coolest business on the web! follow me on IG @Supreme_5oh


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